​​Teena Garza

​​Jesse 'DJ Jesse James' Ouren

Name : Jesse Ouren
Position : DJ 
DJ Name: DJ Jesse James
Current City : Sauk Rapids, MN
Home Town : Papillion, NE
Favorite Genre :  Country
Something Funny About Me : 
​Favorite Memory While DJing: Second time EVER DJing, someone came out to dance to the first song and there ended up being someone on the dance floor busting a move all the way up to the end of the final song for the night!

Name : Jax Pietrzak
DJ Name :  JaxTheDJ
Current City : Sartell, MN
Home Town : Harlingen / San Antonio, TX
Favorite Genre : 
This is a difficult choice, but if I really had to, I like EDM music the most, for me, high energy is the funnest part of DJing. EMD does this for me more than the other genres, but I do like everything!!
Something Funny About Me : 
Oh, geez. Well, Jax is a nickname actually, my name is Luis. The funny part about it is that I believe I was named after a Mexican artist, Luis Miguel; who started his career in 1981 - I was born in 83.
Favorite Memory While DJing :
Something else that is difficult to pick. I've worked in music for many years, but every time I finish a wedding and the bride says it was everything she expected and beyond. I think those are the best, because it's not my moment to shine, I'm there to be part of a day for someone that will remember it the rest of their lives.​​

​​Jax 'JaxTheDJ' Pietrzak

Name : Mike Novak
DJ Name : DJ CaptiVader
Current City : Rice, MN
Home Town : Rice, MN
Favorite Genre : Hip Hop, R&B and EDM
​Something Funny About Me : I got moves like Jagger.
​Favorite Memory While DJing: Everytime I see someone love a song they have never heard before

Our DJ Team has been carefully picked. We start training in local venues like bars and train on music, presentation and develop our set up until we are ready to professionally complete a Wedding. Our Mobile Music service travels throughout Mid-Minnesota for Weddings and various other venues. 

Mike 'DJ CaptiVader' Novak

Name : Gilberto Garza
DJ Name : DJ Gill Aka: El Partron
Current City : Waverly, MN
Home Town : Monterrey N.L. or Texas

Favorite Genre : Country & Reggae 

​Something Funny About Me : My sarcastic personality.

Favorite Memory While DJing: I can't just put one memory because every time I DJ, makes a new memory. But what makes me happy is when they say I did an amazing job, whether I DJ in the bar or at wedding

Name : Teena Garza
Position : Assistant with DJ Gill 
Nickname: Bubbles
Current City : Waverly, MN
Home Town : Monticello, MN
Favorite Genre :  Pop
Something Funny About Me : My nickname in high school was 'Beaner'.
​Favorite Memory While DJing: Every night is memorable. 

​​​Gilberto 'DJ Gill' Garza

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