Name : Brady Beckstrom
DJ Name : DJ Brady
DJ Style:
Why I love DJing: 

Name: Nathan A. Johnson

DJ Name: DJ Freedom

DJ Style: Classic (Rock/Country/Current)

Why I love DJing: Simply because it is an awesome think to do! I thoroughly enjoy being able to get everyone at the show engaged and ensure they have a great experience! I want them to leave wanting more!

Name : Andru Frank Cairl
DJ Name : Stanlee Lovitz
DJ Style:
Why I love DJing: 

Josh 'Gravitron' Helms

Mike 'DJ CaptiVader' Novak

Name : Gilberto Garza
DJ Name : DJ Gill Aka: El Partron
DJ Style:
Why I love DJing: 

​​Teena Garza

Name: Jax Pietrzak
DJ Name: JaxTheDJ
DJ Style: Versatile. I can do everything. Country to EDM, Rock to Rap, small birthday party to events with thousands of people. I think my style is ‘Dance Stater’.
Why I love DJing: It’s a moment like no other. Being able to see people respond when I mix/mash songs together and make a different song/sound all together, it gives me goosebumps. 

Andru 'Stanlee Lovitz' Cairl

​​Jesse 'DJ Jesse James' Ouren

Name : Scott Maier
DJ Name : DJ Scotty
DJ Style:
Why I love DJing: 

Brady Beckstrom

Name : Jesse Ouren
Position : DJ 
DJ Name: DJ Jesse James
Current City : Sauk Rapids, MN
Home Town : Papillion, NE
Favorite Genre :  Country
Something Funny About Me : 
​Favorite Memory While DJing: Second time EVER DJing, someone came out to dance to the first song and there ended up being someone on the dance floor busting a move all the way up to the end of the final song for the night!

Name : Josh Helms
DJ Name : Gravitron
DJ Style:
Why I love DJing: 

The Highway 83 Entertainment Team has been carefully picked to build a group of DJs that is both professional and versatile. Every member has both a unique and uniform set of skills that contributes to our ability to cover events and venues that suit every need. Meet the team!

Scott 'DJ Scotty' Maier

Name : Mike Novak
DJ Name : DJ CaptiVader
DJ Style:
Why I love DJing: 

​​Jax 'JaxTheDJ' Pietrzak

​​​Gilberto 'DJ Gill' Garza

Nathan 'DJ Freedom' Johnson

​Professional Mobile DJ Music  Wedding DJ Entertainment

Name : Teena Garza
Position : Assistant with DJ Gill 
Nickname: Bubbles
Current City : Waverly, MN
Home Town : Monticello, MN
Favorite Genre :  Pop
Something Funny About Me : My nickname in high school was 'Beaner'.
​Favorite Memory While DJing: Every night is memorable.